Women's Money Conference in Nevada, 2014

Have you ever wished you knew how to manage your money better? Have you wondered how to save more of what you earn, pay off debt faster, and make sure you and your family have a bright financial future?

The Women’s Money Conference, held each year in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada, is designed to help women with these financial challenges and more! (Click here to find out how DSEF is helping direct sellers attend the Women’s Money Conference for FREE!)

GinaAnd this Wednesday, you have the opportunity to ask YOUR financial questions and get the answers you need from¬†Gina Robison-Billups, founder/creator of the Women’s Money System and program. Join us as Gina shares with us some of her best financial tips to manage your money and create a secure future for you and your family!

Women’s Money Twitter Party

When: Wednesday, March 19th, 12pm – 1pm EDT

Where: #WomensMoney on Twitter

How: Follow @TheDSEF and @WomensMoney on Twitter, and tweet with the party tag #WomensMoney. (Learn more about how to participate in a Twitter party here.)

Prizes: Five winners will each receive a $50 Visa Gift Card (giveaway is for US residents ages 18 and older, but everyone can participate in the chat!)

RSVP: Let us know you’re planning to participate! Just leave your Twitter ID (for example: @TheDSEF) in the comments below!

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