Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program

Successful direct sellers have always known they are in charge of their own professional destinies. For decades, direct sellers have embraced a career path that leads to a professional life marked by success and independence. At 16 million strong, today’s ranks of direct selling professionals continue to grow as increasing numbers of individuals pursue entrepreneurship.

The Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program (DSEP) brings the world of direct selling together with the community college entrepreneurship environment to increase the number and scope of self-employment opportunities across the country. Through this program, individuals learn the entrepreneurship skills they need to start or grow a successful business and gain confidence in their ability to thrive as independent business owners.

No matter one’s level of experience, the DSEP provides a new path forward for people seeking success as future independent entrepreneurs representing some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

About the Course

Developed in partnership between DSEF and National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship, the Direct Selling Entrepreneur Program curriculum is divided into ten modules and introduces the fundamental components of small business management including: marketing, finance, legal issues, planning, and ethics. In addition, course participants gain deep understanding of the wide variety of direct selling business strategies including individual sales efforts, party plan and network marketing scenarios, online sales and salesforce recruitment and training.

The thirty-hour, non-credit course is designed to provide direct sellers—and those interested in direct selling—with the small business management and entrepreneurship skills they need to succeed in this low-cost, low-risk, low-barrier-to-entry form of entrepreneurship. Developed to address direct sellers’ specific needs, the curriculum increases the options for entrepreneurship education in communities across the United States.

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