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Without the generous financial support of companies and individuals, the foundation’s work would not be possible. With your help we can continue to provide you and the public with programs that foster an understanding of how direct selling empowers individuals, supports communities and strengthens economies worldwide.


PATRONS ($40,000 – $74,999)


SPONSORS ($25,000 – $39,999)

SUPPORTERS ($15,000 – $24,999)



July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 (reflects contributions pledged and received as of May 11, 2016)

Doris K. Christopher
Joey Carter
James A. Northrop
Dave Wentz
Lori Bush
Phil & Angela Chrysler
Charles L. Orr
Dr. Traci Lynn Burton
Drs. Linda & O.C. Ferrell
Marjorie L. Fine
David Holl
W. Alan & Carolyn Luce
Joseph N. Mariano
John Parker
John & Karen Whelpley
Nancy & Alan Alpert
Mona Ameli
Anne Butler
Elizabeth Davis, Ph.D.
Paul & Louise Greenberg Fund
Dave Merriman
Rudy Revak
Rich Schubkegel
Connie Tang
S. Kerry Tassopoulos
Jennifer Anderson
Jim Bailey
Alfredo Bala
Mich Bayley
Jennifer Bennett
Joan Bernardo
Kimberly Harris Bliton
Brennan Boyajian
Laura Brady
Richard & Kimmy Brooke
Robert Cavitt
Jade Charles
Jay Cheng
Mike Christensen
Andy Collins
C. W. Tom Collins III
Mike & Laura Collins
Deanna Conn
Brian Connolly
Sonya Cooper-Turner
Patrick Crosson
Martin David
Randall Decker
Michael DePaolo
Edward Dion
Kate Donovan
Jeremy Doty
Kim Drabik
Brett Duncan
Danene Dustin
Michael Edwards
Lee Finkelstein
Paul Finley
Kurt Flygare
Bill Foley
Jen & John Fong
Kimberly Foss
Willie Fox
Landen Fredrick
Katharine “Kate” Gardner
Francisco Ortega Gaxiola
Evan Gekas
Keith George
Ashley Good
Scott Guilmette
Matthew Hanan
Robert Henry
Dayan Henson
Matthew Herrera
Jason Hess
Dean Hoerlein
Barry Hoffman
George Hou
Gary Huggins
Ryan Ivers
Thomas Jaramillo
Lindsay Jones
Scott Kerr
Wendy Kinney
John Kitchener
Nancy Laichas
Brian Landrum
Christopher Little
Deborah Luscomb
Michael MacDonald
Charles Marriott
James McLain
Mike & Stephanie McMillan
Walter Noot
Scott Orlinski
JJ Oswald
McKinely Oswald
Rodrick Pauley
Adam Pollock
Shad Pyper
Steve Raack
Mike Ramsey
David Rayment
Jeremy Redd
Jamie Rice
Shawn Robinson
Lindsey Sanders
Jonathan Shapiro
Scott Smith
Sean Smith
Kelly Sobotka
Debbie Squier
Linda Sullivan
Jonathan Swick
Natalia Tango
John Thomas
Kassandra Timm
Jonathan Tranel
Stephen Wade
Hanna Wagari
Tanya Wolfe-Curran
Dan Zintsmaster

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