Direct Selling Fairs

A DSEF Direct Selling Fair is a job fair of DSA-member direct selling companies developed in collaboration with the Association of Women’s Business Centers and a local women’s entrepreneurial training center. With DSEF’s support, a women’s business center will organize a DSEF Fair to offer their current and would-be clients a viable entrepreneurial option, especially women who are interested in a lower risk method for flexing their entrepreneurial muscle.

The Fairs are a community program for the diverse customer base of the Women’s Business Centers, a national network of business training and micro lending organizations. The program serves to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs still facing unique obstacles in the business world, especially those who have been traditionally underserved in society.

In March 2006, the Central Indiana Women’s Business Center created and held the first Direct Selling Fair that became the basis for Delivering on the Dream: A How-To Kit for Sponsoring a Direct Selling Fair developed by DSEF in 2007.

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